Should I Have A ‘For Sale’ Board When Selling My House, Uk?

Posted on: 20 June 2022

Should I have a ‘For Sale’ board when selling my house, UK?

Should you have a ‘For Sale’ board when selling your home?


In a digital world where online property exposure is at an all-time high, the answer is still absolutely yes!


We asked our valuers why having a ‘For Sale’ board is a great way to advertise and help sell your home, and here's what they had to say:


  • Your neighbours are often the best people to help sell your home. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and as they already know and love the area themselves, they’ll be a great advocate for talking positively about your property with their friends, family and colleagues.


  • A board sends a positive message to potential buyers that you are committed to selling your property.


  • It’s FREE marketing, 24/7.


  • There are no missed opportunities as you capture the attention of everyone passing by. We’ve received enquiries from dog walkers passing a property with a board, and they’ve gone on to buy it!


  • It makes your property easy to find for potential buyers coming to view.


  • A 'For Sale' board highlights your property to people who weren’t necessarily considering a move. It’s a great way to be seen by a wider audience that otherwise wouldn’t have been looking online.


  • Some people can associate the absence of a 'For Sale' board as an indication there’s something wrong, such as a poor relationship with neighbours.


  • A board can lead potential buyers to look for your property listing online, where our professional, high quality and eye-catching photographs will help showcase your property and hopefully result in a viewing.


Uniquely, we have 5 striking boards to choose from, each depicting a classic Norfolk scene, designed by local Norfolk artist, Rebecca Pymer.



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